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I, the allmighty Chaosdukemon, Got myself a plz account. >:U


Im ChaosDukemon, even if I dont look like that >_>
I sacrificed my original form for our plans.
Heres why:
Sopranimon started to have ideas about ruling both the digital and the human world.
Yggdrasil and Gundramon BM started to distrust her, so she had to prove that shes still on the royal knights side.
Well, she asked me to attack them, since Im pretty popular and dreaded.
Sopranimon acted like she was saving this human that dares to call herself our godqueen with her life, defeatet and "killed" me. But I only digivolved back to rookie.
Well, and if I digivolve back, they may find out.
After Sopranimon really did betray the royal knights she told me to still not digivolve back. Im like a secret weapon now, because no one would expect that Im still alive and even on Sopranimons side.

Bleh, I just spoilered you >:U Ha-Ha

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KIMMON Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
hay chaos dukemon anything new?
a lone kuramon scudles around the area observing it cheerful. *hums a tune*
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Saix's expression,as usual,was unnaturally emotionless.He looked at the BlackGuilmon,but particularly at the digital hazard symbol."Hm.What a strange heartless."
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Where was that ID from which Digimon episode and video game?
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Project-SOBER222 Oct 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
((Thanks for the DAWatch))

*she walks by, a pomagranite craddled in her arms. Walking a few steps more through the drying grasses, she notices you, but continues her way until she finally stops and turns around, eyes full of curiosity.*

"The only thing that lingers in my mind is, Why are you watching mee."

((Be happy she's a SnowAgumon and not screaming it out loud))
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Hi.What's that thing on your chest?
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digimonSoren Sep 4, 2011
Chaosdukemon, may I ask you a question?
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KIMMON Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
hay chaos dukemon,what have you bin up to these days? and have you heard that thers more digimon armys!so far thers xros heart and the bagara army and theres some new genarls the death genarls,ther names are dorbickmon,zamelmon,gravimon,splashmon,
olegmon and neo devimon.I jest wanted you to be aware of that...
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"Aren't you BlackGuilmon?"
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